About Me

Valerio Pizzoferrato is a business development executive and SR project manager as well as a certified SR clinical educator. He is an expert in gathering, analyzing, and defining current and future state workflows for analysis and process redesign, developing and implementing creative system solutions for the benefit of patient care. Valerio Pizzoferrato is certified in Epic, which provides an EHR-tethered patient portal for access to telemedicine and screening for in-person care.

Valerio obtained his Masters's Degree in Human Biology, at Columbia University in 2016. Prior to that, he attended Penn State and Florida State, where he received his B.A. in Chemical Engineering and Business, respectively. Valerio has been a Healthcare Informatics Trauma Nurse since 2012. He has assisted hospitals around the country during the Covid surge and continues to do so.

Valerio Pizzoferrato was born in the 16 Arrondissement in Paris. He grew up in a multicultural home that awarded him access to foods, languages, family, travel, art, books, business, and plenty of adventure! His interests include fashion, soccer, and F1 racing.

Valerio is able to work with others from diverse backgrounds and continues to lead, inspire and be a role model in his community. He strives to be the best at what he does but remembers to pause and be grateful for his faith, and the opportunities he's had in life.

Valerio Pizzoferrato has the right combination of professionalism and warmth in his work with clinicians. As previously mentioned, he is a knowledge expert on Epic provider workflow and is able to calmly work with providers who may be frustrated with changes in their initial experiences in using Epic.


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