Valerio Pizzoferrato reflects on life and work in the fast lane

Valerio Pizzoferrato

June 17, 2021

Valerio Pizzoferrato reflects on life and work in the fast lane

Healthcare consultant Valerio Pizzoferrato opens up about his work, life, and plans to head to next year’s Monaco Grand Prix.


Valerio Pizzoferrato is a seasoned trauma nurse and healthcare consultant specializing in crucial patient care systems. The medical sector professional has now spent the last 12 months or more assisting hospitals nationwide amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Throughout this period, he’s sought solace in his love of art, books, and sport.


“Since earlier last year, I’ve assisted hospitals around the country during surges in COVID cases,” reveals healthcare consultant and trauma nurse Valerio Pizzoferrato, “and continue to do so as necessary.”


Pizzoferrato has repeatedly turned to his hobbies and interests during this time, he says, for comfort. “I credit my upbringing with my love of art, books, auto racing, and more,” explains Valerio, who was born in Paris, France, in the city’s 16 Arrondissement. “It’s also to thank in no small part for my continued love of travel and adventure,” he adds.


It’s with this in mind that lifelong Formula One auto racing fan Pizzoferrato is looking forward to heading back to the French Riviera for next year’s Monaco Grand Prix. A favorite holiday destination of the popular healthcare consultant, it’s here that he also revels in his love of skiing in the resorts of Alpes-Maritimes.


Currently, Valerio Pizzoferrato remains on hand to assist with hospital staff relief and COVID-19 vaccinations. Praised by colleagues for his combination of professionalism and warmth in his work, Pizzoferrato is similarly renowned for his profoundly charitable nature.


Valerio Pizzoferrato marks almost two decades working alongside the American Red Cross


Since 2003, Valerio Pizzoferrato has selflessly served as a volunteer staff member for the American Red Cross. “I’m extremely proud to have served alongside the American Red Cross for almost 20 years now,” he explains.


An avid international traveler, Pizzoferrato has further spent time living and working in Africa. It was here, he goes on to reveal, that he helped to build hospitals alongside various local charities and other good causes.


From his tireless work in healthcare to his love of high-octane auto racing, Pizzoferrato continues to live in the fast lane. Throughout life, the healthcare consultant and trauma nurse has remained committed to pushing himself to be the very best at what he does. “I’m honored to now be in a position to lead, inspire, and be a role model in my community,” adds Columbia University alumnus Valerio.


Pizzoferrato is a graduate of the famous Ivy League research institution in New York City, from where he holds a master’s degree in human biology. In addition to his work and beyond his love of art, books, sports, travel, and skiing, the healthcare professional is equally passionate about cycling and fashion.


Elsewhere, Valerio Pizzoferrato is an enthusiastic watch collector. As a fashion fan, Paris-born Pizzoferrato has also used his free time in the past to hand-craft headbands for children diagnosed with cancer.